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Intra Oral Cameras

Digital dental checkup with Intra Oral Cameras

The images appear on a conveniently positioned display monitor so the dentist and patient can look at them together. This makes for a great teaching device; the dentist can explain exactly what the patient is seeing and the patient can ask questions about what appears on the screen. The dentist can provide the patient with a very personalized course on oral hygiene. A picture that shows material between the teeth can illustrate the need for better flossing; if the teeth and gums are in remarkable condition, the dentist can congratulate the patient on the direct and very obvious benefits of good oral hygiene. Showing toddlers the exact site of a cavity while explaining the procedure for filling it can give the child a better appreciation for good oral hygiene as well as what to expect during their next visit.

An Intraoral Camera is a tremendously useful tool for a dentist. It provides an excellent way to focus on particular areas of the mouth; with the Intraoral Camera, the dentist can even zoom in on a particular tooth. This can be helpful in many ways. For example, if a dentist is monitoring the progress of a specific treatment, the camera can provide a unique way to do that. The dentist can capture an image of the tooth in question at each appointment and compare them; this provides the dentist with a concrete way to determine whether there is improvement or lack thereof over time.

This technology does not rely on radiation, and in some cases can eliminate the need for X-rays. If the dentist identifies a problem with the Intraoral Camera, X-rays might not be necessary for certain diagnoses.

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